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    Although the Second World War was over in 1945, 2 big powerful nations, US and Soviet Union(SU), continued to develop many and powerful  weapons for mass destruction.
    In 1952-1953 those 2 nations tested their first H-bombs(hydrogen-bombs), who are many times more destructive then a regular atomic bomb. If they were using those H-bombs they were capable to destroy each other.
  To the end 1950s they had so many nuclear missiles that they could kill everybody on earth.
  It was ,between 2 powers , a balance of terror with so many nuclear weapons. If one of 2 nations started a war between them  neither of them could win it , because they had an equal quantity of weapons.

   Because of this , Eisenhower and Khrushchev wanted to bury the axe of war. So in may 1960 the 2 of them were on they way to a summit in Paris when a US spy plane was shot down when it was making photos to the military installation in SU. This act put an end to the talks before they had even started.

   After that incident, the next president of US was JFK, from 1961.In this period he was faced with the crisis in Cuba. Fidel Castro seized power in 1959, and nationalized the American assets and installed a communist government. Afraid that the communism might spread in America Eisenhower sent 1400 anti-Castro Cubans in Cuba ,who in matter of few days they was all captured or killed( in action).After that Khrushchev sent missiles to Cuba to help Castro.

  Alarmed Kennedy ordered a blocked to prevent the Soviet ships to arrive in Cuba with the missiles, and ordered that the US long-range nuclear missiles to aim the SU. Because they didn’t want to generate am war ,the SU president removed the missiles and Kennedy put an end to the blockade.
   In 1963 US,SU and Britain signed an  LIMITED TEST BAN TREATY prohibiting nuclear tests in the atmosphere.
   On November 22, 1963 Kennedy was in Dallas with his wife, when he was Killed by an assassin .So the American nation lose one of the most dynamic and promising President. 

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