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A good time but polluted
A  good  time, but  polluted

             It  was  summer.  And  it  was  a hot  day  of  July.  I  was  at  home  and  I  was  looking  on  the  window  when  I  said: ”I  want  to  do  something!  I  was  alone  because  my  parents  and  my  brother  were  at  some  friends.  I  didn’t  want  to  go  because  I  considered  that  was  a  boring  visit.  But  I  realized  that  to  stay  home,  alone,  was  more  boring  than  everything.  

             So  I  picked  up  the  phone  and  call  my  friend,  Diana.  She  was  home  with  her  sister. She  was  looking  on  T.V.  when  I  called  her.  Together  we  decided  to  go  out  somewhere.  But  where?  We  didn’t  knew  were  to  go  but  guess  what?  We  called  all  our  friends  and  we  asked  them if  they  want  to  come  with  us  to  a  picnic  in  the  forest.  

That  forest  wasn’t  far  away  from  the  city.  It  was  a  good  idea  because  all  of  them  wanted  to  spend  have  a good  time.  So  we  took  some  sandwiches,  a  big  cake  and  orange  juice  and  started  our  "little  trip”.  It  was  our  holiday  and  we  wanted  to  be  the  best,  the  funny  trip  that  we  had.  On  our  way  to  the  forest  we  said  jokes.  It  didn’t  matter  for  us  that  some  people  were  looking  strange  to  us.  All  we  wanted  was  to  a  have  a  good  time.  We  saw  a  poor  man  who  was  sitting  on  the  road.  I  looked  at  him  and  I  stopped  laughing.  I  gave  him  a  sandwich  and  he  thanked  me.  

But  I  forgot  really  quickly  about  that  man  and  I  continued  my  way  with  my  friends.

             Finally  we  got  there  and  we  looked  at  the  forest.  It  was  the  perfect  place  to  play  something  scared.  But  we  

didn’t  play  anything.  We  walked  through  the  forest,  I  and  the  girls  started  to  sing.  But  the  boys  didn’t  want  to  heard  us.  We  were  singing  and  singing,  we  did  not  stop.  The  boys  got  angry  with  us  and  they  started  to  implore  us  to  shut  up.  And  we  stop.  We  were  good  girls. But  in  this  time  we  found  a  glade. It  was  really  beautiful.  The  birds  were  singing,  the  trees  were  green  and  sun  light  was  so  warm  that   we  couldn’t  go  farther  away.  And  it  was  a  good  place  for  a  picnic.  We  didn’t  know  what  to  do  know.  But  I  remembered  I  had  a  packet  of  cards.  We  played  a  little  but  we  wanted  to  do  something  else.  Two  of  us   remained  in  the  glade  and  the  rest  started  to  search  a  river  because  we  knew  there  was  one.  We  walked  a  little  but  we  were  tired  and  we  wanted  a  rest.  We  stopped  and  ate  some  sandwiches.  Then  we  continued  our  search.  It  was  2  o’clock  and  the  sun  was  over  the  forest  and  it  was  very  hot.  We  met  a  woman  and  we  asked  her  where  was  that  river.  She  explained  to  us  and  we  found  it.  It  wasn’t  very  clean.  It  had  a  smell  and  it  was  black.  We  didn’t  know  what  happened  there.  Near  the  river  was  a  factory  and  it  was  surrounded  by  rubbish.  It  was  horrible,  I  didn’t see  a  thing  like  that  until  than. We  were  children,  we  couldn’t  do  anything,  but  it  was  so  strange:  it  was  nobody  there!  We  looked  a  little  and  we  decided  to  turn  back.  Our  friends  were  waiting  for  us.  Before  we  left  we  looked  again  to  that  factory  and  we  asked  us  who  was  the  employer  of  that  horrible  thing!  We  left  that  place  and  returned  to  our  friends.  
They  asked  us  what  we  done.  They  were  waiting  for  us  for  a  long  time.  I  tell  them  what  we  saw  and  they  wanted  to  go  and  see  that  place,  too.  We  were  tired  but  we  wanted  to  know  about  that  place  so  we  want  again.  It  wasn’t  a  big  deal  because  we  knew  exactly  the  way. When  we  arrived  there  we  saw  a  man  but  we  could  not  speak  with  him  because  he  was  just  leaving.  We  hadn’t  what  to  do  and  it  was  5  o’clock  so  we  decided  to  turn  to  our  homes.  

On  our  way  we  continued  to  have  a  good  time.  All  we  done  was  to  laugh.  It  was  a  long  trip  and  when  I  arrived  home  I  was  so  tired  that  I  could  not  do  anything  else.  I  told  my  parents  what  I  saw  and  she  was  wondered  if  the  state  know  about  that  factory  and  the  pollution  of  the  ground  and  water.  I  wanted  to  sleep,  but  I  was  thinking  to  that  place  and  that  factory!  What  people  were  there?  Maybe  some  bad  people  because  that  rubbish  were  very  dangerous  for  the  nature,  for  the  forest  and  river.  But  what  could  I  do?

             The  ground  and  the  forest  is  a  place  were  live  a  lots  of  animals,  big  or  small.  The  pollution  is  a  danger  for  all of  us who  live  on  Earth.  People  must  do  something  to  stop  the  pollution,  to  fight  whit  it  and  with  the  people  who  pollute  the  nature.  Where  we  will live  if  some  stupid  man  will  destroy  the  space  where  we  all  live:  human,  animals,  birds.  What  beautiful  is  the  world  when  it  is  clean!  

             Some  people  want  to  profit  and  make  money  with  the   nature.  Or  others  build  big  factories  and  they  say  they  help  the  world,  but  they  are  only  liars  because  all  they  do  is  to  destroy  the  nature.  The  people  must  know  that  the  ground  isn’t  infinitive.  Today  the  number  of   populations  it  is  growing  and  we  need  a  fresh  nature  where   to  grow  our  kids.  In  many  countries  many  people  store  rubbish  in  important  places  and  the  poisonous  substance  destroy  the  soil.  

              The  rivers,  lakes  are  polluted,  too.  People  throw  chemical  substances  and  others  things  which  destroy  the  importance  of  the  water,  which  is  the  important  source  in  our  life.  So  the  forest  is  destroy  by  man,  the  rivers,  the  soil,  all  we  have  and  need.  The  pollution  is  an  enemy  for  humans  but  we  can  fight  with  it  and  destroy  it.  All we  have  to  do  is  to  have  care  of  our  world,  to  punish  who  try  or  something  which  can  pollute  the  nature.  Everything  which  is  give  by  God  to  us  is  important,  everything  has  a  function  and  we  can’t  stay  and  watch  how  the  Earth’s  resource  are  wasted.  At  the  same  time  some  people  are  hungry  or  they  have  not  where  to  live.  Maybe  the  pollution  of  air  is  a  big  problem  and  it  is  difficult  to  avoid  it,  but  the  pollution  of  ground  and  rivers  is  important  too  and  we  can  avoid  it  in  many  ways.  The  first  thing  that  he  must  do  is  to  avoid  the  rubbish  and  some  chemical  substance  which  are  poisonous  for  soil.  It  isn’t  difficult,  we  must  try  to  use  some  things  more  or  to  build  special  place  where  we  can  put  that  rubbish.  It  must  be  a  place  where   people  aren’t  going  to  spent  a  holiday.

             And  we  can  try  to  clean  the  place  which  were  polluted,  to  make  that  place  beautiful  again,  to  can  go  and  breathe  clean  air,  where  we can  stay  to  have  a  picnic  and  also  play  with  out  thinking  that  we  can  fall  ill  or  it  must  be  a  place  where  animals  and  birds  can  live  together  with  out  any  problem.  Some  people  can  say  that  the  pollution  is  now  more  dangerous  because  the  rate  of  people  who  pollute  the  nature  is  bigger,  the  numbers  of  cars  is  bigger  and  the  number  of  factories,  industries.  Maybe  some  of  us  doesn’t  realize  how  important  are  the  water  and  the  ground  for  us  or  maybe  others  doesn’t  realize  that  they  are  polluting  what  they  need  more. 
             There  are  some  fertilizer  which  have  a  injurious  effects  and  we  must  find  a  way  to  avoid  them  or  to  use  them  in  small  amounts.  The  agriculture  is  important  to  us  but  we  must  be  attentions  not  to  pollute  the  soil  because  than  we  will  not  have  what  to  eat  and maybe  we  will  not  be  able  to  save  the  soil  from  pollution.       

             My  opinion  about  the  pollution  is  that  it  really  is  a  bad  thing,  a  danger  for  our  lives.  I  want  to  live  in  a  country  with  fresh  air,  where  I  can  grow  with  out  any  problems.  And  I  thing  all  the  people,  children  or  adults ,  must  think  first  to  the  importance  of  nature  and  then  to  think  to  him  self  because  if  the  place  where  we  live  isn’t  a  good  place  where  to  grow  we  will disappear  in  some  million  years.

          For  what  are  important  the  air,  water  and  soil?

          How  can  we  avoid  the  pollutions?

          This  are  two  important  questions  which  we  must  answered  before  doing  something  that  make  our  life  harder.  

If  we  know  the  answers  we  will  live  in  a  beautiful  country.  But  we  must  to  avoid  pollutions,  too,  not  only  to  know  the answers  to  that questions.  Because  many  people  say  something  and  to  other  things.

          Let’s  try  to  make  our  life  easier!  


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