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He was the 5
th president of USA 1817-1825, and led the US at a time of expansion. In 1812, after the war the industry of US prospered also more and more people set off the new territories west of Mississippi river. So Monroe wanted to preserve the right to grow for the US, and he was concerned about Spain’s attempt to reconquer it’s lost territories. For this cause he generated a foreign policy who was known as the Monroe Doctrine.
Spain still controlled many colonies in South and Central America, at the beginning of the 19th century. In time one by one the Spanish colonies declared their independence. To stop them Spain asked France  for help in reconquering its lost territories.
Monroe didn’t want a European power  who later will make a European colonies in America. Colombia and Argentina ,gaining their independence, were examples for  other countries as self-rule.
So in this case Monroe asked J.Q. Adams to write a foreign policy statement, or a doctrine. The resulting document was called later THE MONROE DOCTRINE, who contained 4 important points for the independence of America and  the independence of the colonies:1-Any European countries could no longer establish colonies in the North or South America;2-The political systems of the American’s states will be separate from those of Europe;3-Any European attempt to influence the American justice or political administration will be considerate as a threat to the peace and to the safety of American states;4-The US government would not interfere with the European governments or their colonies.
Since 1823, the year when the Monroe Doctrine was write and proclaimed, it was a very  important document for the American legislation and for American relations with other states.  

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