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He was the first post war president, being a republican. He had the belief that the government  must to help and support the big business and companies. His motto was that a businessman had a lot of money he must to invest them in his company to extend it  and to create new jobs for population. 

  Warren Harding was the first post war president who had such policies. He promised to the nation in his election campaign to return the things to normality .
When he said that he meant supporting big business. He established a high tariff on imports, and in this way he made the people to buy American things.
In his period he created a federal budget system and restricted the immigration with the Quota Act -1921.

   Internationally he worked at the world peace. In 1921 at Washington he called a disarmament conference, and a plan was worked out limiting the world’s navies.
His administration was overshadowed by the dishonesty of some of his appointees.
   He put many incompetent friends in key government position, who made a lot of black deals.

    In 1923 he died suddenly on the West Coast during a trip that he and his  wife were making. After his death many stories about the members of his Cabinet came out, and so many of them went to jail.  

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